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Michael A. Stubbs PE SE DBIA


As the president and principal engineer for Stubbs Engineering, Inc., Michael Stubbs oversees the design and construction of all projects for Stubbs Engineering, Inc.  His experience with complicated structures and project management on the design and construction sides of projects, gives him a unique approach to problem solving.  Michael approaches each project looking for ways to obtain the client's functional and aesthetic needs while maintaining the most economical solutions. Mr. Stubbs graduated from NMSU and immediately went to work for a New Mexico owned Structural and Civil Engineering firm.  After three years with that firm, he decided to broaden his horizons and moved to Dallas.  He was also the President of a joint venture between an Engineering firm and a Steel Fabricator, in which he provided both design and construction services.  After nine years in Dallas, Mr. Stubbs returned home and founded Stubbs Engineering, Inc.


Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering - New Mexico State University | 1998


Certified Design Build Professional - Design Build Institute of America

Designated Model Law Structural Engineer by NCEES

Professional Licenses

·  Alabama 39177-E                ·   Arizona 58966                     ·  Arkansas 17603

·  California SE 6756               ·  Colorado 49674                   ·  Florida 65100

·  Georgia PE045727              ·  Hawaii PE-19093                 ·  Idaho P-18936

·  Kansas 20491                      ·  Louisiana 41459                  ·  Maryland 32357

·  Michigan 6201052088       ·  Mississippi 28312                ·  Missouri 2007032445

·  New Mexico 16814              ·  North Carolina 50828         ·  Oklahoma 23944

·  South Carolina 38077         ·  Tennessee 120305              ·  Texas 92018

·  Utah 10584924-2202        ·  Wisconsin 48170


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