Stubbs Engineering provides a wide range of services for our clients and partners. Our services include but are not limited to;
Building Services, Detailing Services, Construction Engineering Services, Electrical Transmission Services and
Historic Renovation Services. Scroll down below to read more about our offerings.

Las Cruces, NM
El Paso, TX
Fort Worth, TX

building services

Stubbs Engineering strives to provide unsurpassed structural engineering services.  We understand the aesthetic and functional challenges when trying to integrate the structure into the architectural vision.  We work with our clients to make sure the structural design is advantageous to the project.

We have designed many projects using exposed structural steel, concrete and wood.  We understand the special detailing requirements for exposed structures to achieve the desired appearance.

Our engineers have experience with a wide range of structures.  We have designed school, university, medical, commercial and residential projects.  We are well versed in the use of steel, concrete, wood, masonry and aluminum.  Our portfolio has projects that range from large campuses to midrise buildings.  We have the ability, expertise and experience to assist our clients with any structure they wish to design.


Stubbs Engineering Inc, stays on the leading edge of BIM Technology.  We use Autodesk’s AutoCAD, REVIT, Advance Steel, Advance Design Connection, and Robot Structural Analysis to produce top quality detailing and erection drawings.  We are able to provide CNC files and format drawings to our client’s preferences.  Our goal is to provide our clients with accurate and complete detailing.  We use our engineering experience to expedite production of shop drawings, coordination of the connections design and facilitating the RFI process.

our detailing services

  1. Parametric Modeling
  2. Steel Shop Drawings
  3. CNC Data Output
  4. Joist Lists & Erection Drawings
  5. Anchor Bolt Setting Plans
  6. Deck Lists & Erection Drawings
  1. Erection Drawings
  2. Advanced Bill of Materials
  3. Erection Sequencing
  4. Stairs & Rails Detailing
  5. Rebar Detailing
  6. Precast Concrete Detailing


Stubbs Engineering has provided Construction Engineering services on a variety of small and large projects.  We have experience with the challenges that face contractors, concrete companies, and steel erectors during the construction process.  Stubbs Engineering is able to provide expert engineering.

We have provided engineering for erecting large steel trusses, temporary bracing, concrete formwork, safety cables, shoring and rigging. We work closely with our clients to develop construction sequence to maximize savings with respect to both time and money.

our construction services

  1. Temporary Lateral Bracing
  2. Rigging & Lifting Plans
  3. Erection Sequences
  4. Temporary Earth Shores
  1. Concrete Framework
  2. Temporary Safety Cable & Guard Barriers
  3. Design for Staging Equipment & Materials

Electrical transmission

Stubbs Engineering has provided service associated with updating and analyzing existing Electrical Transmission Structures.  We have experience using both PLS CADD Light and PSL Tower.  

We have modeled numerous existing structures to receive new loads from upgrading conductors.  Our analysis includes load cases from both the NESC Code and ASCE 74.  Our services include recommendations to upgrade these structures to support the increased loads from the new conductors and to comply with current codes.  

our Electrical services

  1. Project Management
  2. Foundation Design
  3. Tower Structures

historical renovations

Stubbs Engineering provides structural renovations for buildings of historical importance around the country. Our historic renovations focus on remodeling historical buildings in order to upgrade them and make them up to code but also to preserve the historical aspects of the building. We work alongside The Historic Preservation Office to insure that these delicate projects are handled correctly.

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