La Mesa Volunteer Fire Station- La Mesa, NM

This 8,800 sq. ft. fire station includes offices, living quarters, and three Fire Engine Truck Bays. The living and business portion is wood-framed construction while the Truck Bay is CMU with wood truss construction. The living area include 4 separate sleeping quarters, a dayroom, and a kitchen. The business portion includes two offices and a conference room. The main entry and exterior feature are exposed structural steel.

Client: Studio D Architects

Las Cruces West Mesa Fire Station #7- Las Cruces, NM

This fire station contains over 9,500 sq.ft.. The 4150 square foot 3 truck apparatus bay is framed with CMU walls and bar joists. The station also contains offices, a training room suitable for 20 individuals, a large fitness room, living spaces, four separate dorm spaces and four separate restrooms framed with light gage and structural steel. There is also an outdoor patio featuring an exposed structural steel trellis.

Client: ASA Architects

El Paso Zoo Reptile House – El Paso, TX

Stubbs Engineering provided the engineering services for the El Paso Zoo Reptile House and Pavilion.  For the reptile house, we made modifications in order to repair damages caused by the excessive deflections in the cantilevered roofs on the perimeter of the structure.  The project included the design of new screen walls to help support the cantilevered roofs as well as four feet structures and one head structure.  A fabric structure on the rear of the building was also designed. 

Client:   Van H. Gilbert Architect PC

Forney Fire Station No. 2- Forney, TX

This project was approximately 10,500 square foot, single story fire station.  Framed with load bearing pre-cast concrete exterior walls, bar joists and beams for the roof and interior columns.  The foundation was drilled piers with grade beams. 

Client: Callahan and Freeman