Western Dairy Transportation- Vinton, TX

This project was a prime contract including structural, architectural, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical design.  Scope of service included; modifications to the existing building, remodel of existing truck bays, 75 x 80-foot bay expansion, improvements to water booster and on site tank, a covered refueling area, provide a new canopy for employee breaks, concrete slabs to accommodate parking trailers, and rework of entry gates and controls.  Due to the success of this project, a sister facility is currently under construction in Shallowater, TX that mimics this one with the same design team.

North Flare Basin Pipe Stands- El Paso, TX

This project consisted of the design for a new section of pipe stands supporting 8 inches in diameter steam pipes.  The design was for approximately 250 linear ft of pipe.  It included the pipe stand and foundation design.  Different scenarios had to be taken into account in the design of the pipe stand as it had to be constructed around the current facilities infrastructure.