Lordsburg High School
Lordsburg, NM

Stubbs Engineering provided structural engineering services for the renovation of Lordsburg High School and Gym.  The High School portion consisted of a 32,827-square foot, free standing, single story steel framed structure and an outdoor learning area.  The structure has a gable roof over the center section and flat roofs around the perimeter.  The Gym portion consisted of a new 360-square foot entry structure, modifications to two sections of load bearing walls to accommodate new accessible seating, and modifications to the bleachers. 

Client: ASA Architects

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Parkland Middle School

​El Paso, TX

​This project consisted an addition to the existing middle school. The school had available space for the addition on three different sides of the school. In order to complete the project, four separate phases were created in order to allow the school to remain functioning while these updates were completed. The addition totaled approximately 62,350 square feet of extra space for the school.


Client: WRA Architects, Inc.

Bayard Elementary School 
Bayard, NM

Extensive renovations were designed for Bayard Elementary School.  Renovations include demolition of all finishes down to the structure, including the roof deck.  Existing structures were upgraded to current seismic provisions.  This project consists of the complete renovation of 39,000 sq.ft. including 18 classrooms and administration offices. A new 6,000 sq.ft. Media Center and Computer Lab will be added.  This addition was created by infilling a courtyard with existing structures on all sides. Designs also includes a new covered walkway connecting the education building to the gymnasium and a seismic upgrade to the roof structure of the gymnasium.

Clients: ASA Architects

Bel Air High School Gymnasium
El Paso, TX

​*Currently Under Construction

This project consisted of the design of a new two-story  multiuse gymnasium with a total area of approximately 87,780 square feet. 
The competitive gym is on the first floor and a practice gym on the second floor. The practice gym included three courts, a wrestling room and a gymnastics practice area. 
The competition gym is a column free space so there are no obstructed views of the court. Floor Trusses for the second floor were designed to clear span 135 feet. Since the second floor of the building would also be used for athletics, vibrations in this floor were a concern. The suspended equipment like goals and lights could not be affected by vibrations due to activities on the second floor.

Clients: Alvidrez Architecture

Las Cruces High School
Las Cruces, NM

Stubbs Engineering provided structural engineering services on Phase I of renovations and additions for Las Cruces High School.  This phase includes 192,000 sq.ft. of new construction. Designs include a new two-story administration building with a new state-of-the-art computer room, a multi-media/gaming room, and two classroom wings with an open air courtyard.   The administration building is connected to another new classroom building by a 110’ long by 20’ wide pedestrian bridge that crosses a five lane street.  The bridge connects large common areas in both buildings while maintaining the continuity of the aesthetics. The addition includes 59 new classrooms including several science and computer labs. Stubbs Engineering incorporated a structural steel framing system to optimize the architect’s wide-open floor plan and maximize cost efficiency.  Phase one also includes a new Counselor’s Building and a Performing Arts Center for the theater department. 

Client: AKS Architecture


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