Arroyo 1A Stormwater Control Basnin

El Paso, TX

Both debris and water flow into this high ridge channel caused a breach during heavy rainfall. To prevent this from occurring in the future, a new debris and volume dam was designed to prevent the channel from overflow. Stubs designed structures included: several different sized cast in place discharge towers, concrete splash pads, cast in place concrete spillway and retaining walls, and multiple concrete box culverts of different sizes to combat the issues. 

Client: Hunt Companies

Tierra Santa is a new development area in Santa Teresa, that needed to incorporate several drainage structures into the area.  Stubbs Engineering was tasked with designing these structures.  Work included coordinating with the team’s civil engineer to determine the appropriate water flows, scour effects, and flood loads that would act on the structures.  Such structures include: retaining walls up to 12ft high, drop structure to reduce the velocity of the drainage, box culverts below several roads, and a weir at the drainage basin.  All structures were to be reinforced concrete and were designed in such a way to reduce the energy of the flow and the potential for flood water damage.

Client: Tierra Stanta Land, LLC

San Diego Dam Outlet Structure

El Paso, TX

Grapevine Elementary School Retaining Wall

Grapevine, TX

Stubbs Engineering was requested to design a retaining wall for an Elementary School in Grapevine, TX. The wall spans approximately 180 and its height varies from 0 to 10 feet tall.


​Client: Pacheco Koch

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​​Sam Snead Junction Boxes

El Paso, TX

A residential street in El Paso, TX that was prone to frequent flooding during storms required upgrades to its nearly non existent drainage system. This street was very flat and did not provide a place for storm water to flow.  This project consisted of the design of sixteen junction boxes that would include manholes or drainage structures inside, along with ten drainage structures and an outlet structure along the street. 

Client: Moreno Cardenas, Inc.

Tierra Santa Development

Sunland Park, NM


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​The San Diego Dam Outlet was the design of a new box outlet at the San Diego Dam in El Paso.  The existing outlet and dam were constructed to only retain a small fraction of water and then to control the outlet flow.  Over time, due to flooding in much of the regions below grade of the dam, Stubbs Engineering was retained to design a new box outlet to fully utilize the retainage of the existing dam.  The new box outlet is 10ft. x 10ft. x 30ft high with a water tight door at the base for maintenance and knockout areas in the wall around the structure for release of retained water in the future.  The structure was reinforced concrete with a mat foundation.

Client: Moreno Cardenas, Inc.